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Les and Troy Corbett have over 50 years of experience training horses for Saddle Seat, Western and Driving. They are highly respected and known for their patience and ability in developing young contenders, as well as, readying, maintaining, and showing veteran and celebrated campaigners.

Corbett Stables is a familiar and trusted name, not only in the American Saddlebred community, but in the equestrian community at-large. Our full-service programs produce first-class results, whether you are seeking a career in the show ring or simply a better, more satisfying, enjoyable relationship with your horse.

Although we specialize in training the American Saddlebred, we are open to all breeds and, over the years, have successfully trained many types of horses in various disciplines.

We believe in finding the right niche for each individual animal. To achieve success, your horse must be well-suited to what he's doing and be happy in his work.

Ready for a change?
Is your horse not progressing as well as you would like?
Is your horse as competitive as you think he should be?

Are you having trouble selling your current horse or finding a new horse?

Do you have young horses standing around waiting to be started?

Is your investment horse looking more like capital loss than a capital gain?

Are you having trouble getting along with your horse?

Are you being challenged and making progress towards your goals and potential?

Is your current show circuit getting old, boring, and no longer enjoyable?

Are you limited in the choice of shows you can attend?

Are you tired of always competing against other people from your barn?

Are you having as much fun as you would like?

Do you ever feel like you deserve more for your money?

Have you reached a plateau?

Is your current stable child- and family-friendly?

Does your current stable specialize in Amateur and Juvenile riders?

Does Your current barn treat you more like a number than a customer?

Are you and your horse receiving first-rate, full-service care and attention?

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